Our Process

1. Touch Base

First, we need to get a feel for you and your company. The best way is to meet up over a cup of coffee, but Skype will do if you're far away. Our objective at this point is to get some clarity on what you're aiming for and how we can help you get there.

2. Development

We gather all your previous marketing material and check out your online profile. We then send our developed script back and forth until we have a final draft. Finally, we add visual references to the script and schedule shooting where required.

3. Magic

Here's where you let go of the reigns and let our creative team take over. We film, animate and create. Then we add the voice overs, sound effects and music. Finally we give you a chance to tweak a few things, if you feel it’s necessary that is!

4. Delivery

We are only happy once you're happy! As soon as we get the green light and all payments have been settled we send you the final product in HD via Dropbox or FTP. Alternatively, if you requested a DVD we will courier you your copies.

Touch Base




Our Services

Music Videos

Need to bring your music to life, tell the story behind the song or simply show the lifestyle of the artist? Set up a meeting and let us take care of it.

Marketing Videos

Produce an energetic and catchy video that markets your company in under three minutes. Then play it on your website, reception foyer and sales pitches.


Have a product or service that you find yourself explaining over and over again? We'll create a video that does it for you.

Training Videos

Improve the productivity in the workplace by ensuring that your staff are well trained and prevent those unnecessary health and safety risks.


Studies have shown that viewers are more inclined to engage with animations. So why not get a concept across with a quirky animation?


Do you have a story that needs to be told but don’t know where to start? We have the team and skills to tell your story.

TV Adverts

We produce adverts that meet broadcast standards. Create a video to market your business and reach millions of viewers by broadcasting on TV.

Brand Activation

Throwing an event to build some hype around your brand? Capture it and get some viral videos online to double your exposure.


With fully equipped post production facilities we can edit a project professionally, meet your requirements and guarantee to stick to your deadlines.