NJMPF – training/corporate video update

njmpf_newinductionNatal Joint Municipal Pension/ Kwa Zulu-Natal Joint Municipal Provident Fund strives to provide superior retirement service and benefits to Municipal members, beneficiaries and pensioners. They achieve this through the administration, collection and investment of contributions through prudent risk parameters.

The Board of Trustees are individuals endowed with diverse skill and expertise, and serve the best interest of the members. The Board meets regularly to consider important issues affecting the fund and its members, and ensures that all of its operations are in compliance with the Pension’s Fund Act and legislation in terms of the Financial Services Board. A recent visit from the Financial Services Board yielded an unqualified compliance report for the fund, which is indicative of the good corporate governance inherent in the workings of this body. Furthermore, the Fund is subject to internal and external audits, which further guarantees full legal compliance. This is done so that members can have peace of mind.

In 2011 we were commissioned to produce a series of training videos that would help the municipal member understand the various funds available to them. We shot a training video using a white back drop and various lighting techniques to achieve the look and feel we wanted. We decided to use two of the NJMPF staff member as the presenters for this project as they knew the training material best. For this project we needed a number of cutaways to help explain the training process. Barcode Media spent around five days shooting on location all over Pietermaritzburg and the Midlands. This footage was not only used for the training video but for the induction video which the members watch before signing up to the fund. This helps them get a better understanding of who NJMPF is and what they are about.

The NJMPF recently moved offices from Pietermaritzburg to Westville as the NGO has grown over the past few years and asked us if we would update the induction/corporate video we shot for them in 2011. They asked us to shoot a couple of the new staff member interviews as well as the board members meeting. The new offices are very modern and we also updated some of the general office shot with the new stylish feel of NJMPF.