Training Video for Snoremeds


Our team was approached by Snoremeds, to help them solve the issue they have been having with a few customers not moulding their mouthpieces correctly. Currently on YouTube, there are a handful of amateur marketing/training videos demonstrating guidelines to moulding other brands of anti-snoring mouthpieces. These have been created by the general public and are all done un-professionally. The videos are also very long and drawn out.

Our challenge was to create a training video in ninety seconds that not only explains the correct way to mould the anti-snoring mouthpiece but to also show off the high quality of the product.  As usual the script conceptualization was a crucial part of the development. The biggest challenge was getting the script down to the right length to achieve the goal of 90 seconds, often finding it very difficult to figure which sections must go and which must stay. We often had to revert to re-phrasing the voice over to say the same thing but more efficiently.

Within the video you will see with a trained eye that the product shots are actually 3D models of the box, integrated into the video. This was not initially planned, but after seeing the quality difference between a filmed box and a 3D model, we are very glad we took this route. Our actor and professional model Byron did an excellent job and the filming took the better part of a day. Then the rest was done in post-production. Overall, we love the way this video came out and we are very proud to showcase this video on our blog.

Check the Video out here; 

Snoremeds is a proudly South African product and has sold over 250 000 units worldwide. You can buy yourself one on their website or at your local clicks and Dischem in South Africa. Check them out here for more;,